Artifacts when using AMD Radeon HD 7650M video driver on Sony VAIO SVE1711V1RB

Кабаков Александр Сергеевич at
Sun Mar 24 08:48:12 UTC 2013


I have problems with video hardware on Ubuntu 12.10. I'am using Sony VAIO
SVE1711V1RB laptop. And it has AMD Radeon HD 7650M video adapter. I've
tried both open source and proprietary (including beta version) drivers.
Both shows artifacts. I wish to provide any support and information.

With open source driver my screen is shifted to the right on 33%. So I see
right edge of image on left side of screen. Framebuffer corrupted is the
such way too.

With proprietary drivers from Catalyst 12.10 to 13.3 beta 3 I have weird
artifacts too. Screen isn't redrawn properly. For example when I type long
line of text into konsole letters will be invisible and will be show only
when big portion of screen will be redrawn (window resize, etc). Same
behavior is everywhere: In small window glxgears displaying static image,
and shows perfect FPS in console.When I expand glxgears window to
fullscreen gears starts to rotate properly. I've created bug report , but nobody answered.

I have my laptop available to you to debug and make open source driver to
work. Can you give me any advice what I should do to make it work?

Alexander Kabakov
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