Support for Raring 3.8 kernel past 3.9 release

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Apr 15 17:01:02 UTC 2013

On 04/12/2013 08:22 AM, Brad Figg wrote:
> GregKH has already stated that he will not support 3.8 past
> 3.9 being released.
> Should we pick up upstream stable maintenance (in some form)
> for the 9 months of support for Raring? We _will_ provide CVE
> support for this release.
> I propose that we don't.
> Brad

I guess I'm thinking maybe we should pick up 3.8 stable, at least for 
awhile. How long have we committed to 3.5.y ? Maybe we could curtail our 
efforts there and redirect them to 3.8.y. We are going to have a Raring 
LTS kernel in 12.04.3 so its clearly within our interest.

Luis - how much additional time do you think it would take to support a 
3.8 stable ?

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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