NAK: [QUANTAL PATCH v2] ALSA: hda - Add PCI and Codec IDs for Haswell HDMI Audio

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Thu Sep 27 13:13:34 UTC 2012

On 09/27/2012 06:49 AM, David Henningsson wrote:
> From: Wang Xingchao < at>
> This is a backport of several upstream commits:
> e926f2c850c472f813f9bab486c68a3fe0b03ae4
> 1c76684d2752b3a24bb7da183cc18e5d126dbcc9
> bdbe34dece4942f4d8df9865dba7785bb813366a
> d279fae8a41690ec1b20c07be8c6f42f8af27a17
> ...which all are trivial and just add PCI and Codec IDs
> to the relevant tables.

Don't combine the patches. d279fae8a41690ec1b20c07be8c6f42f8af27a17 is
not a valid object from Linus' repo. All of these patches need a bug number.
Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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