[Precise SRU] pull-request: fixCypress PS/2 Trackpad tap-to-click

Kamal Mostafa kamal at canonical.com
Wed Sep 19 22:41:01 UTC 2012

Bug reference:
    Cypress trackpad: Disable tap-to-click doesn't affect mouse button zones.


This patch to the new Cypress PS/2 Trackpad driver fixes trackpad
misbehavior when the user opts to disable tap-to-click.


To test (requires a Cypress PS/2 Trackpad):
1. Disable tap-to-click in Mouse and Touchpad settings.
2. Tap the touchpad (do not click the physical button) in various
   places.  Notice that when touching the zones above the physical
   buttons, tap-to-click single clicks are still generated (but
   not when touching higher up on the pad).
3. Test same with patch applied: observe no extraneous tap-to-click
   events when that feature has been disabled; tap-to-click works
   as usual when left enabled.

[Regression Potential] 

None known.  This patch affects only the Cypress PS/2 Trackpad driver.




The following changes since commit 96081f77301b66a75da842e1a26eda6cb57e90e5:

  Linux 3.2.30 (2012-09-19 16:51:37 -0300)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://kernel.ubuntu.com/kamal/ubuntu-precise.git cypress-lp1048816

for you to fetch changes up to f30675086f6cafc02b53d1ee5983cf2db5e3e6ee:

  UBUNTU: SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix disabling tap-to-click (2012-09-19 15:30:20 -0700)

Kyle Fazzari (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix disabling tap-to-click

 drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.c |    8 ++++++++
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)

diff --git a/drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.c b/drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.c
index 45afe8f..3a572ec 100644
--- a/drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.c
+++ b/drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.c
@@ -693,6 +693,14 @@ static int cypress_parse_packet(const unsigned char packet[],
+	/* This is only true if one of the mouse buttons were tapped.
+	 * Make sure it doesn't turn into a click. The regular tap-to-
+	 * click functionality will handle that on its own. If we don't
+	 * do this, disabling tap-to-click won't affect the mouse button
+	 * zones. */
+	if (report_data->tap)
+		report_data->left = 0;
 	if (report_data->contact_cnt <= 0)
 		return 0;

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