Linux 3.5.7u1 stable review - one patch-set possible?

Philip Müller philm at
Thu Nov 29 13:40:38 UTC 2012

Did anything changed on the patch-set. I got the current one with 270 
For the script I'll take a look. Patchwork way I found out might be the 
one I'll do it.

keep on the good work


Am 29.11.2012 14:04, schrieb Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski:
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 10:30:13AM +0100, Philip Müller wrote:
>> Hi Herton Ronaldo Krzesinsk,
>> congrats on your first review of Linux
> Hi, thanks, I will do the release today, so stay tuned for the
> announcement.
>> I'm planing to give your patchset a try on my distro.
>> Getting Gregs stable-queue patches is easy. I wrote a simple bash-script
>> to collect them and create one patch-set.
>> Gregs tree looks alot differ from yours:/
>> //drwxr-xr-x           .. //
>> //-rw-r--r--     1116 alsa-snd-usb-caiaq-initialize-card-pointer.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     2272
>> bluetooth-fix-using-uninitialized-option-in-rfcmode.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     2765
>> drivers-leds-leds-lp5521.c-fix-lp5521_read-error-handling.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     1131 mvsas-remove-unused-variable-in-mvs_task_exec.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     878 nvme-fix-uninitialized-iod-compiler-warning.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     1412 rtlwifi-rtl8192se-fix-gcc-4.7.x-warning.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     1404 scsi-aha152x-fix-sparse-warning-and-make-printing-pointer-address-more-portable.patch//
>> //-rw-r--r--     441     series//
>> //-rw-r--r--     1270     ubifs-fix-compilation-warning.patch/
>> The series file tells me in what order all those patches should be applied.
>> It takes only seconds to get a pre-patch generated this way.
>> How do you get just the patches without downloading the complete git-tree?
> I also use a script, but it requires to be used with the git stable tree I'm
> maintaining, and it fetches Linus HEAD looking for commits. It is the
> stable/apply-stable-patches script from
> git://
> It looks between the range of commits given on Linus tree, and the way
> it works also maintains the same order as they were merged there. It's
> not practical not using the git tree. For other patches that
> aren't tagged for stable (Cc: stable), I'm monitoring the stable mailing
> list or watching for requests, and I plan to do a comparison with other
> stables to see if I didn't miss something.
>> kind regards
>> Philip Müller
>> /Manjaro Mirrors Manager, Packager, Developer, Web Developer/

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