Patches in your for-next that fix kernel bug 22602

Chris J Arges chris.j.arges at
Mon Nov 19 20:35:43 UTC 2012

Hi Eric,

I am currently looking at bug 922906 in Ubuntu [1], which resulted in
kernel bug 22602. [2]

I've noticed that a set of patches from Lino Sanfilippo solve this
issue. [3]

Myself and another Ubuntu developer have been able to verify that these
patches fix the problem using the testcase provided in the kernel bug.

I was wondering what the status of these patches were, since they are in
your for-next branch. [4]

I'm not sure if they needed rework, or if there was any conclusion to
that thread. If there is help needed let me know.


Thanks for your time,
--chris j arges

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