Regarding patch to the pl2303 usb-2-serial driver.

Tim Gardner rtg.canonical at
Fri Mar 23 17:20:16 UTC 2012

On 03/23/2012 11:15 AM, Søren holm wrote:
> Fredag den 23. marts 2012 11:14:01 skrev Tim Gardner:
>> Once it has been merged into Linus' tree then we'll likely be able to
>> either SRU it, or pick it up from stable updates.
> Ok, so the general policy is to only include upstream patches ?

For the most part we like to stay close to upstream. It makes 
maintenance a lot easier.

If Greg likes your patch, then its likely to make the 3.4 merge window 
'cause it looks like a bug fix. Soon thereafter it'll bubble down via 
stable updates.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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