Fwd: Fedora 16 and 17 kicks 12.04 LTS. I give you fix (patch attached)

John Smith civilknowsbest at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 01:39:29 UTC 2012

Dear Ubuntu Developers,

This will take 10 minutes out of your life. I hope you have them:)) .
We will be extremely grateful. We love Ubuntu. We hope Ubuntu
developers are nice. I have never ever asked any Ubuntu dev. for any
'favour' since my adventure with Ubuntu started 5 years ago.

It looks like nobody has cared for 1.5 years (will be at the release
time of 12.04). Over a year ago Ralink open sourced their drivers
(links below), Fedora applied them in ver. 16 and 17. I've searched
the issue on the net. Many (believe me) people are outraged and any
solution is really bad. I tried to install manually, but failed due to
failed initramfs update (perhaps it doesn't update on an USB flash
drive...). Everyone hoped Ubuntu to pick it up- its on 11.10 bug
report under 810111)

The solution to apply the patches from OpenSuse  (more likely they are
NOT needed at all for the newer driver version below) and installing
the drivers manually every time there's a kernel update is not nice.
Talk about long FIVE YEARS. Dreadful. Hope you are a nice person and
will help me (or more precise: us).

Please update patches for Ralink RT5390 to the (X)Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Its critical not just for me (...). I hope you are nice person and
will fix the bug as soon as possible and get back to me when its
available in Xubuntu nightly build. Its getting close to LTS release
and I have nobody to rely upon. I hope you folks in Ubuntu are nice.
Otherwise I will be stuck with sloooooow yum (despite the
fastestmirror-plugin), and other shit (infinality patches, AMD ppas,

This driver is required for many, many, many HP laptops.

Thanks in advance,
(X)Ubuntu Lover,

Open Source RT539x:

All Ralink Linux drivers:

I hope this time the AMD Northern Islands drivers will be ready and
jockey in 12.04 will install them. No compiz tearing and no video
tearing (sync to vblank).
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1. supporting Linux Kernel 2.6.35.
2. Fixed Ad-hoc issue: STA didn't use legacy rate when STA is Ad-hoc creator and security is OPEN-WEP or WPAPSK-TKIP.
3. Fixed Ralink WpaSupplicant issue - Scan table didn't include RSSI.
4. Fixed issue: If there are two APs have same SSID, AuthMode and EncrypType but different WPAPSK key, driver will only try the AP with better RSSI. 
   If that AP with better RSSI has the different WPAPSK with STA, driver still keeps trying to connect that AP with better RSSI.
5. Refine the stack size of all functions to be smaller than 1024B.
6. Fixed issue: Use wrong rate index in send_monitor_packets().
7. Improve scan mechanism.
8. Fixed issue: STA supports the WPA authentication which group cipher is WEP
9. Fixed issue: Single SKU Bandedge Delta value decrease all channels transmit power on FCC, it should work on Channel 1 / 11.
10. Add pre-allocate memory in module insert stage.
11. Refuse scan query while scanning.
12. Fix ATE frequency offset bug.
13. Fix ATE Rx sensitivity no good issue.
15. Fix EfuseFreeNumberCount bug.
15. Fix TSSI structure in big endian issue.
16. Fix Efuse_FreeBlockNumber bug.
17. Update EDCA parameters for WMM 27T6 test.

1. Rfkill change stage time
1. suspend-resume autoreconnect 
1. Change scan behaviour.

1. Fix ATE calibration.

1. add new feature for auto-reconnect.
2. change the initialization process.
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gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

# Blacklist conflicting RaLink driver modules
blacklist rt2800pci
blacklist rt2800lib
blacklist rt2x00usb
blacklist rt2x00pci
blacklist rt2x00lib
blacklist rt2860sta

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