Looking for some expert advice to select project for internship!!

Sune Mølgaard sune at molgaard.org
Tue Feb 7 20:57:39 UTC 2012

Navdeep Singh Sidhu wrote:
> Hello every one,
> Pardon me & Hope nobody is angry on me for sending this mail on this
> channel.

I, for one, am not angry, but I do think that you are asking the wrong 
crowd. This list, as I understand it, is specifically oriented towards 
Linux kernel development, as it pertains to the Ubuntu kernel group and 

> But i'm looking for some expert advice to select a project for my
> internship. I'm not have much or none experince of IT field. I'm a final
> year student of B.tech (CSE) ,GNDU (amritsar). And i'm having my
> internship in JAVA technologies at CMC mohali. They have given me long
> list of projects they are working on. and i have no awareness of values
> of these projects. So i'm attaching a pdf of list with this mail they
> sent to me. i think that most of people on this channel are working from
> years  in IT field. So i expect best of best advice from field experts.

As stated above, this list is about Linux kernel development in a 
specific subset of the general interest in that. Thus, especially 
because you mention Java, this is an altogether wrong forum to seek 
advice (the Linux kernel is written in C).

The usual answer would be not to answer, or to deride you for asking 
here, but in the hope that you are genuinely interested in doing FOSS 
work, and just happened to ask the wrong place due to an honest mistake, 
I'll refer you to http://openhatch.org , where projects can post things 
they want done on FOSS projects, and where I assume that there will be a 
number of open tasks involving Java.

That said, I think that this answer is more in line with the Ubuntu 
spirit than what you might have gotten from, say, the primary Linux 
kernel list, so you might not have been totally in error when directing 
your mail towards an Ubuntu list, but do keep in mind that lists have a 
purpose, and your request isn't covered by the purpose of this.

I'm writing this disclaimer to actively discourage others from asking 
this kind of advice here (in case others find this post via a web 
search), but also to let you and others know that there are indeed 
places for questions like this, and that, on the whole, any involvement 
in FOSS is very welcome :-)

> Thanks in advance.

> Regards
> Navdeep Singh

I hope that you will take this as kind directions to take this specific 
question elsewhere, given because "we" will appreciate your help, just 
not in this forum (based on your own info), instead of seeing it as a 
hostile "put-down".

To attest to my sincerity in this, do feel free to email me personally 
if you have further questions - I'll be happy to try to lead you to 
other fora where your request will be better received, but I don't have 
any projects myself that I can offer you a place in.

Best regards,

Sune Mølgaard

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