[Precise] LP:912992 Added To Kernel Team Hot List

Joseph Salisbury joseph.salisbury at canonical.com
Fri Feb 3 17:28:05 UTC 2012


I've added the following bug to the Kernel Team Hot List:

	LP:912992[0] - [snb-m-gt2+] Primary laptop display not working, 
external monitor works fine. [Fixed as of 
linux-image-3.3.0-994-generic_3.3.0-994.201201290428 from 
drm-intel-fixes branch]

	* Bug was fixed in v3.3.3-rc2 in the merge branch of drm-intel-fixes.
	* Note comment #30 in bug: " presumably this will require backporting 
of the snb patch set. Since the branch targets the 3.3 kernel"
	* There seems to be allot of changes in the branch[1], not sure which 
commit fixes this particular bug.

If anyone has some free cycles, it would be great if this bug could be 




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