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Wed Dec 5 12:11:07 UTC 2012

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Subject: 	Hey Tim
Date: 	Wed, 5 Dec 2012 09:55:29 +0200
From: 	Juha Rautiala <juha.rautiala at gmail.com>
To: 	tim.gardner at canonical.com

There is big kernel prblem, even that just came out new kernel... I
canĀ“t boot in 3.7 kernel, system immediately freezes and gets stuck in
it and not do anything any more after that.

That problem would seem to apply especially AMD athlon 64 2x So ...
core, two processors. I have not worked there since kernel 3.5 kernel
and does not work that was published today at all. When you boot the
computer is just a long list of faults and the announcement of nine new
USB device and after that the machine freezes ...

My system is... Asus motherboard, AMD Athlon 250 II 3,0 Ghz, 4 Gt DDR2
ram and Nvidia 9400 gt

Sorry my shit english but Ihope that you undesrstand what I saing = )

T. Juha from Finland

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