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Wed Aug 1 20:40:32 UTC 2012

Hello Andy,

Andy Whitcroft [2012-08-01 20:23 +0100]:
> Following some urging by pitti I have merged kmod from Debian with
> our Ubuntu modifications to module-init-tools.

Many thanks! This will allow us to package the current udev.

> 1) it contains a transitional package for module-init-tools, so to roll
>    back we would need to epoch the original packages.  Though as i
>    understand it Debian has abandoned module-init-tools so we should be
>    getting no updates there which at least mitigates an epoch.

Please note that we wouldn't use an epoch but a carefully crafted
un-epoched version number, otherwise we'd have to keep it forever when
we switch back to kmod the second time. As m-i-t is abandoned upstream
(kmod is the official successor), I don't see us permanently
reverting; kmod has been out for a rather long time and should be
fairly stable.

> 2) It has no "map" support.  I have as yet seen no ill effects from this.
>    Perceived wisdom is that these map files are no longer required.

AFAIK these were used by ancient hotplug versions to find kernel
modules. This has been replaced long ago (modprobe/udev, etc.) by the
binary maps which are a lot more efficient.

> Overall I think kmod is ready and we should follow Debians transition
> to it.  If you would like to test the packages they are in my 'black' PPA:
> Baring any other objections I propose to prepare some packages and
> get them reviewed with a view to uploading them sooner rather than
> later.

Great, thanks!

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