ACK with qualifications: cherry-pick commits for Wacom support

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Apr 30 19:33:17 UTC 2012

On 04/30/2012 05:20 AM, Erik van Konijnenburg wrote:
> New Wacom Bamboo tablets are not recognized in Ubuntu;
> see
> This is still the case in Precise Pangolin with linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic.
> To fix this, could you cherry-pick the following commits from stable
> 3.3.4?
>      6e8ec5379c7ab9a57190e23af173aee74f88e54a Input: wacom - cleanup feature report for bamboos
>      fc72bf758f943fbc5c0d9dd14575b91996513c77 Input: wacom - remove unused bamboo HID parsing
>      428f85884bb4a88737e5fa76535ede06a33fe162 Input: wacom - add some comments to wacom_parse_hid
>      c5981411f60c31f0dff6f0f98d2d3711384badaf Input: wacom - relax Bamboo stylus ID check
>      4134361af6e099e5f477663fed1d49f0cf29eb4f Input: wacom - read 3rd gen Bamboo Touch HID data
>      73149ab8433c0ade5a4f79b137af2a081e8a5d13 Input: wacom - 3rd gen Bamboo P&Touch packet support
>      5a6c865d9861efdd066db1b5da491ebc2ff5926d Input: wacom - ignore unwanted bamboo packets
>      f6b7efc162caed555264cd73cd00103701fddbc0 HID: wacom: Move parsing to a separate function
>      78761ff9bc4e944e0b4e5df1e7eedcfdbb1a9a1a HID: wacom: Initial driver for Wacom Intuos4 Wireless (Bluetooth)
>      803296b678a43005e3bc0aaa1951d211bd76a054 Input: wacom - add support for Cintiq 24HD
>      246835fccdc0dadeda20cd51f7ec868031fa8142 Input: wacom - add LED support for Cintiq 24HD
>      68513a4c5fe68938350cf2c56d97946e49f014e1 Input: wacom - add missing LEDS_CLASS to Kconfig
>      19d57d3a145e94349abf805eed2316ef720d86c2 Input: wacom - fix 3rd-gen Bamboo MT when 4+ fingers are in use
> They are listed oldest-first and apply cleanly to stable 3.2.16 and to
> ubuntu-precise/master-next.
> I tested this with Krita and a Wacom Bamboo CTH-470.  Touchpad, stylus
> and pressure sensor seem OK; I haven't tested multi-touch behaviour.
> The above list is based on the stable log
>      git log --format=oneline --grep=wacom -i v3.2.16..v3.3.4
>      git log --format=oneline v3.2.16..v3.3.4 -- \
> 	drivers/hid/hid-wacom.c \
> 	drivers/input/tablet/wacom_sys.c \
> 	drivers/input/tablet/wacom_wac.c \
> 	drivers/input/tablet/wacom_wac.h
> with commits that touch anything but Wacom dropped:
>      217c8b2b1978aa4a02ce040a99c59ed3b6418fe5 HID: wiimote: fix invalid power_supply_powers call
>      d7cb3dbd10c09081fafd05fcbef590ce04e402ff HID: wacom: Fix invalid power_supply_powers calls
>      35b4c01e29bdd9632dabf9784ed3486333f00427 power_supply: add "powers" links to self-powered HID devices
>      73db88137bc732d01b615af9a9cdb24f3e47e78d power_supply: add scope properties to some self-powered HID devices
>      08642e7c52cf43616821520828e504bc717e54a6 USB: convert drivers/input/* to use module_usb_driver()
> Thanks,
> Erik

These aren't actually in 3.3.y stable, rather they are all regular 
upstream commits from Linus' repo. I'm not opposed to this patch set if 
you can show that they don't breaking existing wacom devices (though I 
expect they don't).

I suggest that these patches are also desirable since they fix some 
registration ordering issues:

HID: wiimote: fix invalid power_supply_powers call
HID: wacom: Fix invalid power_supply_powers calls
power_supply: add "powers" links to self-powered HID devices
power_supply: add scope properties to some self-powered HID devices

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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