[CVE-2011-2695] ext4: Fix max file size and logical block counting of extent format file

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Mon Sep 26 12:10:11 UTC 2011

	Multiple off-by-one errors in the ext4 subsystem in the Linux
	kernel before 3.0-rc5 allow local users to cause a denial of
	service (BUG_ON and system crash) by accessing a sparse file in
	extent format with a write operation involving a block number
	corresponding to the largest possible 32-bit unsigned integer.

Fixes for this issue have hit oneiric and P via mainline.  Following this
email are two patch sets.  The first for lucid/fsl-imx51, the second for
lucid, maverick, maverick/ti-omap4, natty, and natty/ti-omap4.

The fix for lucid and up is identicle.  I have tested this fix on Natty
using the reproduce-by in the patch.  Testing before and after on other
releases appreciated.

Proposing for lucid, lucid/fsl-imx51, maverick, maverick/ti-omap4, natty,
and natty/ti-omap4.


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