Lucid SRU: UBUNTU: SAUCE: igb: Protect stats update

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Wed Sep 21 14:36:11 UTC 2011

On 09/21/2011 08:26 AM, Tim Gardner wrote:
> On 09/21/2011 07:43 AM, Tim Gardner wrote:
>> This patch is a partial backport of upstream
>> 12dcd86b75d571772512676ab301279952efc0b0. Its purpose is twofold; 1)
>> Protect simultaneous readers and writers, 2) refresh statistics when
>> read from ethtool.
>> rtg
> It was pointed out to me on IRC that this change requires an additional
> patch.
> rtg

Doh! Of course I meant 'x86, intel, power: Initialize 
MSR_IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS'. Anyways, patch applied and pushed with 
Stefan's ack.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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