[STABLE REVERT] Reverting upstream stable i915 patches from Lucid

Steve Conklin sconklin at canonical.com
Tue Sep 13 16:17:20 UTC 2011

As described in the stable kernel process documentation here:


The following patches will be reverted from the Lucid kernel currently
in -proposed,
and the kernel will be respun.

756de92 drm/i915: Remove BUG_ON from i915_gem_evict_something
9b4fca6 drm/i915: Periodically flush the active lists and requests
53e68e3 drm/i915/evict: Ensure we completely cleanup on failure
38c2e45 drm/i915: Maintain LRU order of inactive objects upon access by
CPU (v2)
5ef2204 drm/i915: Implement fair lru eviction across both rings. (v2)
3e69bf2 drm/i915: Move the eviction logic to its own file.
1126f22 drm/i915: prepare for fair lru eviction

These reverts are being tracked in this bug:


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