Device categories for testing purposes

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Thu Nov 24 23:30:39 UTC 2011

On 24/11/11 21:58, Marc Tardif wrote:
> * Colin Ian King <colin.king at> [2011-11-24 09:51 +0000]:
>> On 23/11/11 22:04, Marc Tardif wrote:
>>> Your feedback would be much appreciated to come up with a list of
>>> categories for testing the kernel over a minimal set of systems with
>>> unique devices. For example, lets say I'm interested in testing audio
>>> across many systems, I would like to be given the minimal set of systems
>>> with unique devices having the PCI class/subclass:
>>>   Multimedia controller/Audio device, or
>>>   Multimedia controller/Multimedia audio controller
>>> or having the USB class/subclass:
>>>   Audio/Control Device, or
>>>   Audio/MIDI Streaming, or
>>>   Audio/Streaming
>>> At this point, I'm only interested in coming up with a mapping of PCI
>>> and USB device class/subclass to a list of testing categories that are
>>> most likely to be relevant for testing purposes. The following table is a
>>> first draft where we currently have the categories: modem, video, audio,
>>> storage, capture, network, wireless, processor, video, bluetooth. The
>>> category "x" is used to indicate it might not be relevant.
>> Does this include testing on-board USB3 controllers that appear on
>> modern machines?
> If this is of particular interest, we could add the "usb" testing category
> for the following PCI device class/subclass:
I'm not sure if we class it "of interest" or not. However, I think we
need to be sure we cover USB 3.0 for certification, I'd hate to buy a
brand new certified box and find USB 3.0 does not work. And this is true
for most new Intel kit I believe...
>>> Bus  Device Class/Subclass                           Testing Category
> [snip]
>>> pci  Serial bus controller/USB Controller                         usb

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