Device categories for testing purposes

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Thu Nov 24 09:51:07 UTC 2011

On 23/11/11 22:04, Marc Tardif wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Your feedback would be much appreciated to come up with a list of
> categories for testing the kernel over a minimal set of systems with
> unique devices. For example, lets say I'm interested in testing audio
> across many systems, I would like to be given the minimal set of systems
> with unique devices having the PCI class/subclass:
>   Multimedia controller/Audio device, or
>   Multimedia controller/Multimedia audio controller
> or having the USB class/subclass:
>   Audio/Control Device, or
>   Audio/MIDI Streaming, or
>   Audio/Streaming
> At this point, I'm only interested in coming up with a mapping of PCI
> and USB device class/subclass to a list of testing categories that are
> most likely to be relevant for testing purposes. The following table is a
> first draft where we currently have the categories: modem, video, audio,
> storage, capture, network, wireless, processor, video, bluetooth. The
> category "x" is used to indicate it might not be relevant.
Does this include testing on-board USB3 controllers that appear on
modern machines?
> Bus  Device Class/Subclass                           Testing Category
> pci  Bridge                                                         x
> pci  Bridge/CardBus bridge                                          x
> pci  Bridge/EISA bridge                                             x
> pci  Bridge/Host bridge                                             x
> pci  Bridge/InfiniBand to PCI host bridge                           x
> pci  Bridge/ISA bridge                                              x
> pci  Bridge/MicroChannel bridge                                     x
> pci  Bridge/NuBus bridge                                            x
> pci  Bridge/PCI bridge                                              x
> pci  Bridge/PCMCIA bridge                                           x
> pci  Bridge/RACEway bridge                                          x
> pci  Bridge/Semi-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge                      x
> pci  Communication controller                                       x
> pci  Communication controller/GPIB controller                       x
> pci  Communication controller/Modem                             modem
> pci  Communication controller/Multiport serial controller           x
> pci  Communication controller/Parallel controller                   x
> pci  Communication controller/Serial controller                     x
> pci  Communication controller/Smard Card controller                 x
> pci  Co-processor                                                   x
> pci  Display controller                                             x
> pci  Display controller/3D controller                               x
> pci  Display controller/VGA compatible controller               video
> pci  Display controller/XGA compatible controller                   x
> pci  Docking station/Docking Station                                x
> pci  Docking station/Generic Docking Station                        x
> pci  Encryption controller                                          x
> pci  Encryption controller/Entertainment encryption device          x
> pci  Encryption controller/Network and computing encryption device  x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/DMA controller                       x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/PCI Hot-plug controller              x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/PIC                                  x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/RTC                                  x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/SD Host controller                   x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/System peripheral                    x
> pci  Generic system peripheral/Timer                                x
> pci  Input device controller                                        x
> pci  Input device controller/Digitizer Pen                          x
> pci  Input device controller/Gameport controller                    x
> pci  Input device controller/Keyboard controller                    x
> pci  Input device controller/Mouse controller                       x
> pci  Input device controller/Scanner controller                     x
> pci  Intelligent controller/I2O                                     x
> pci  Mass storage controller                                        x
> pci  Mass storage controller/ATA controller                         x
> pci  Mass storage controller/Floppy disk controller                 x
> pci  Mass storage controller/IDE interface                    storage
> pci  Mass storage controller/IPI bus controller                     x
> pci  Mass storage controller/Non-Volatile memory controller         x
> pci  Mass storage controller/RAID bus controller              storage
> pci  Mass storage controller/SATA controller                  storage
> pci  Mass storage controller/SCSI storage controller          storage
> pci  Mass storage controller/Serial Attached SCSI controller        x
> pci  Memory controller                                              x
> pci  Memory controller/FLASH memory                                 x
> pci  Memory controller/RAM memory                                   x
> pci  Multimedia controller                                          x
> pci  Multimedia controller/Audio device                         audio
> pci  Multimedia controller/Computer telephony device                x
> pci  Multimedia controller/Multimedia audio controller          audio
> pci  Multimedia controller/Multimedia video controller        capture
> pci  Network controller/ATM network controller                      x
> pci  Network controller/Ethernet controller                   network
> pci  Network controller/FDDI network controller                     x
> pci  Network controller/ISDN controller                             x
> pci  Network controller/PICMG controller                            x
> pci  Network controller/Token ring network controller               x
> pci  Network controller/WorldFip controller                         x
> pci  Network controller/Network controller                   wireless
> pci  Processor                                              processor
> pci  Satellite controller/Satellite audio communication controller  x
> pci  Satellite controller/Satellite data communication controller   x
> pci  Satellite controller/Satellite TV controller                   x
> pci  Satellite controller/Satellite voice communication controller  x
> pci  Serial bus controller/ACCESS Bus                               x
> pci  Serial bus controller/CANBUS                                   x
> pci  Serial bus controller/Fibre Channel                            x
> pci  Serial bus controller/FireWire (IEEE 1394)                     x
> pci  Serial bus controller/InfiniBand                               x
> pci  Serial bus controller/IPMI SMIC interface                      x
> pci  Serial bus controller/SERCOS interface                         x
> pci  Serial bus controller/SMBus                                    x
> pci  Serial bus controller/SSA                                      x
> pci  Serial bus controller/USB Controller                           x
> pci  Signal processing controller                                   x
> pci  Signal processing controller/Communication synchronizer        x
> pci  Signal processing controller/DPIO module                       x
> pci  Signal processing controller/Performance counters              x
> pci  Signal processing controller/Signal processing management      x
> pci  Wireless controller                                            x
> pci  Wireless controller/802.1a controller                          x
> pci  Wireless controller/802.1b controller                          x
> pci  Wireless controller/Bluetooth                                  x
> pci  Wireless controller/Broadband                                  x
> pci  Wireless controller/Consumer IR controller                     x
> pci  Wireless controller/IRDA controller                            x
> pci  Wireless controller/RF controller                              x
> usb  Application Specific Interface/Device Firmware Update          x
> usb  Application Specific Interface/IRDA Bridge                     x
> usb  Application Specific Interface/Test and Measurement            x
> usb  Audio/Control Device                                       audio
> usb  Audio/MIDI Streaming                                       audio
> usb  Audio/Streaming                                            audio
> usb  CDC Data                                                       x
> usb  Communications/Abstract (modem)                                x
> usb  Communications/ATM Networking                                  x
> usb  Communications/CAPI Control                                    x
> usb  Communications/Device Management                               x
> usb  Communications/Direct Line                                     x
> usb  Communications/Ethernet Emulation                              x
> usb  Communications/Ethernet Networking                             x
> usb  Communications/Mobile Direct Line                              x
> usb  Communications/Multi-Channel                                   x
> usb  Communications/OBEX                                            x
> usb  Communications/Telephone                                       x
> usb  Communications/Wireless Handset Control                        x
> usb  Diagnostic/Reprogrammable Diagnostics                          x
> usb  Human Interface Device/Boot Interface Subclass                 x
> usb  Human Interface Device/No Subclass                             x
> usb  Imaging/Still Image Capture                                    x
> usb  Mass Storage/Floppy (UFI)                                      x
> usb  Mass Storage/QIC-157                                           x
> usb  Mass Storage/RBC (typically Flash)                             x
> usb  Mass Storage/SCSI                                              x
> usb  "Mass Storage/SFF-8020i MMC-2 (ATAPI)"                         x
> usb  Mass Storage/SFF-8070i                                         x
> usb  Printer                                                        x
> usb  Video                                                      video
> usb  Video/Video Control                                        video
> usb  Video/Video Interface Collection                           video
> usb  Video/Video Streaming                                      video
> usb  Wireless/Radio Frequency                               bluetooth
> usb  Wireless/Wireless USB Wire Adapter                      wireless
> usb  Xbox/Controller                                                x

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