ACKish: [Natty][SRU][PATCH] drm/i915: fix CB tuning check for ILK+

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Thu Nov 17 07:35:16 UTC 2011

16.11.2011 13:58, Stefan Bader kirjoitti:
> On 16.11.2011 10:45, TImo Aaltonen wrote:
>> This patch fixes panel corruption on my T420s which occurs after
>> plugging an external monitor to the vga port. Originally from 3.1,
>> applies to 3.0 too but I'll post this upstream to include in the stable
>> series.
>> upstream commit cb0e093162d7b6589c2217a00e2abfef686b32d6
>> Signed-off-by: Timo Aaltonen <timo.aaltonen at>
> Looks like those so simple looking changes that are looking so simple but may
> mean anything. It come with 3.1 and is a cherry-pick. So tend to agree...
> Maybe want to wait/sync with the time this goes into 3.0.y (though I can see
> this then needing a reminder).

I asked the author, and there should be "very little regression
potential". Sent it to the stable queue too, haven't heard back yet.


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