linux-crashdump not working on custom-compiled kernel

Christoph Paasch christoph.paasch at
Wed Nov 16 20:23:23 UTC 2011


I tried to use linux-crashdump on a custom kernel, based on 3.0.9.

On the default-kernel from the ubuntu-repos it works, if I trigger a
crash with
echo "c" > /proc/sysrq-trigger

To make it work I had to copy the makedumpfile-binaries as described in

However, if I try it on my custom kernel, it doesn't works.
linux-crashdump doesn't reboot the kernel and doesn't create

I also ported my modifications to the kernel from
But still not working.

My grub seems to be correct:
linux   /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.6+
root=UUID=f86b03ff-e7eb-4ba4-9009-1ec1b5856035 ro

Does linux-crashdump doesn't work on custom kernels?
What can I do to make it work on my kernel?

Thanks a lot,

Christoph Paasch
PhD Student

IP Networking Lab ---
MultiPath TCP in the Linux Kernel ---
Université Catholique de Louvain

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