deleted packages in ubuntu lts ppa

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Jul 11 22:42:52 UTC 2011

The Kernel PPA has never been used to provide officially supported 
kernels. Its always been experimental. If you want an official LTS 
backported kernel, then you must install it from the regular Lucid 
archive, e.g.,

lucid:~$ apt-cache search linux-image|grep lts
linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick - Generic Linux kernel image
linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty - Generic Linux kernel image
linux-image-server-lts-backport-maverick - Linux kernel image on Server 
linux-image-server-lts-backport-natty - Linux kernel image on Server 
linux-image-virtual-lts-backport-maverick - Linux kernel image for 
virtual machines
linux-image-virtual-lts-backport-natty - Linux kernel image for virtual 

Furthermore, use kernel-team at for questions of this nature.


On 07/11/2011 04:09 PM, Iustinian T. wrote:
> Are we getting a serious answer to this problem? I cannot use the
> intended kernel since it is missing an essential component required to
> run this kernel in a PV environment. Not to mention the total mess-up
> you guys did while not doing a proper QA on the main release kernel thus
> broking the boot process in PV on xenServer enterprise or any other xen
> server. So YES, you CANNOT use the provided kernel for the 32b arch.
> Anyway, what is the reason behind deleting the backported kernel
> packages? The backported-virtual metapackage is now empty and we are
> pretty much running out of patience with Canonical decisions to just
> delete and replace stuff and breaking all attempts to certify Ubuntu LTS
> on our systems.
> On 05/07/11 02:39, Tim Gardner wrote:
>> On 07/02/2011 11:03 AM, Iustinian T. wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Is there a reason why the Ubuntu PPA was emptied on 29 June 2011. Those
>>> of us who rely on linux -virtual kernel images are going to be greatly
>>> disappointed about missing essential updated kernel for our production
>>> environment virtual machine client xenU.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Justin.timg at
>> What exactly are you using the kernel-ppa for? You should be using one
>> of the LTS backport meta packages in Lucid, or otherwise using the
>> release for which the kernel was intended.
>> rtg

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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