[ACTIVITY] Dec-05 to Dec-11 2011 (ogasawara)

Leann Ogasawara leann.ogasawara at canonical.com
Mon Dec 12 17:00:16 UTC 2011

== Kernel ==
* Prep and upload linux 3.2.0-3.9
 * Build and boot tests
 * Post announcement to kt-ml and voices.c.c
* LP:899957 - Cannot compile kernel after changing configuration
 * Not a bug.  Pointed reporter to documentation to disable module check
* LP:836250 - Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 poor networking
 * Intel unable to reproduce, have joe work with reporter to narrow
regression window
* LP:899165 - uvcvideo: Failed to submit URB 0 (-28).
 * cherry-pick e3420901, push to precise master-next
* LP:894070 - IOMMU error loop early in boot
 * Apply sauce patch and push
* Work Items:
 * CONFIG_SENSORS_AK8975 is inconsistent across architectures reconcile:DONE

== Misc ==
* Email sconklin and gema about FS tests
 * Email Ted Tso inquiring about ext4 tests
* Intel/Canonical conf call (missed)
 * Added Ubuntu tasks to Intel feature requests in LP
* Intel SDP board upgrade tracking/routing

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