Miscellaneous patches for oneiric

Seth Forshee seth.forshee at canonical.com
Thu Aug 25 16:57:32 UTC 2011

Please consider the following two patches for the oneiric kernel.

The first adds support for the newer "v3" Elantech touchpad protocol.
This patch will not be going upstream, as Elantech has a more extensive
set of patches that they are working to merge upstream that also change
some details of the v1 and v2 protocol support. Those patches aren't
quite baked yet, and they would represent a regression risk as they make
modifications to code for already supported devices. The substance of
the v3 protocol support between Elantech's patch and my patch are
virtually identical.

The second patch works around a race in the usb-storage driver that
results in a failure to resume from hibernation on the Toshiba NB505
netbook. This patch is currently queued for 3.2.


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