[Oneiric] perf: Fix libbfd usage

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Thu Aug 18 10:36:06 UTC 2011

On 18.08.2011 11:43, Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 03:24:33PM +0200, Stefan Bader wrote:
>> From the discussion on the mailing list this not only is a matter
>> of having libbfd not linked dynamically but not at all (the licence
>> seems incompatible). So we probably should start to remove it for
>> Oneiric and follow up with older releases...
>> This changes the used demangling function from the one in libbfd to
>> the one in libiberty (which is available only as a static library)
>> but according to Ben, there is no difference. And it seems Redhat
>> also had to go that way.
> Does this mean we can revert the previous change?
> -apw

We could if we did. AFAICS current Oneiric master-next only has one patch about
that issue and that is the one defining HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE. Sorry, there might
have been confusion because I reposted the patch as it seemed to be lost in the
lengthy discussion.


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