[oneiric/ti-omap4][pull request] Reset oneiric/ti-omap4 to ppisati at zinc:oneiric/ti-omap4

Paolo Pisati paolo.pisati at canonical.com
Wed Aug 17 09:02:24 UTC 2011

On 08/17/2011 10:59 AM, Paolo Pisati wrote:
> As the subject says, please reset oneiric/ti-omap4 HEAD to:
> git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ppisati/ubuntu-oneiric.git ti-omap4-next

> It is based on Ubuntu-3.0.0-8.11, latest TI
> BSP (agreen kernel-tilt/tilt-3.0
> HEAD at f95dded2534d1d5a40fa4cb833699953d5f3e4de), plus some config
> options, ABI bumped.


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