The Daily Bug Report for Tuesday, 09. August 2011 05:41 UTC

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Tue Aug 9 06:02:22 UTC 2011

The Daily Bug Report
Tuesday, 09. August 2011 05:41 UTC

The linux package acquired 9 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status          Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    ------------    ---------------------
822596    JBD: Spotted dirty metadata buffer with quotas on 10.04                     Undecided       New             Unassigned
822601    CONFIG_MACVTAP should be enabled in kernel for Oneiric          oneiric     Undecided       New             Unassigned
822710    [Lenovo X201] wi-fi stops working after a short while and...    natty       Undecided       Confirmed       Unassigned
822716    Intel 82577LM lan continually disconnects                       lucid       Undecided       New             Unassigned
822730    Kernel panic when laptop tries to hibernate due to low ba...    natty       Undecided       New             Unassigned
822796    [Natty][Oneiric] WD "Green" drives have faulty NCQ need k...    natty       Medium          Triaged         Andy Whitcroft
822967    2.6.24-29.92-xen: failure on QRT 'ASLR of mmap'                             High            New             Unassigned
822995    [Latitude 2120] udev shows empty MMC reader as a block de...    oneiric     Undecided       New             Unassigned
823011    Webcam (0c45:62c0, uvcvideo) doesn't work with Natty kernel.    natty       Undecided       New             Unassigned

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