apport-kerneloops reporting

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Aug 8 14:12:04 UTC 2011

On 08/03/2011 09:55 AM, Brian Murray wrote:
> I've recently made some changes to kerneloops and apport which
> modify the way that kerneloops are reported.
> In kerneloops there is now a filter so that any Oops with the word
> WARNING in it is not sent to apport for reporting this should
> significantly reduce the quantity of apport-kerneloops bug reports
> you receive.
> The linux package hook for apport will now also tag
> apport-kerneloops bug reports using a format of
> 'kernel-driver-$drivername' if it detects a driver name in the RIP /
> IP line.  For example, is tagged
> kernel-driver-i915.  I also went through and tagged all existing Oops
> reports the same way and sent Leann a list of the tags that were
> used.
> Looking at the current list of apport-kerneloops reports from
> Oneiric[1] I have one suggestion and one question.
> Suggestion:
> The importance of these bug reports should be automatically set to
> at least High by whatever script does automatic triage.
> A question or two:
> I noticed there are a few NETDEV WATCHDOG bug reports in the list.

These appear to be triggered by one of several network drivers that have 
various issues, some of which are being worked on. Its a failure to 
transmit a packet when the network stack thinks its should have been 
able to do so. As such its largely harmless and in the same class as WARN.

> 1) Are these worth reporting?
> 2) If so it seems to me the driver appears in a regular format so
> that we could tag them kernel-driver-atl1c.  Would that help?

I'm pretty sure this driver is getting some upstream love, so I'm not 
sure I'd bother.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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