MacBookAir4,2 patches: hid-apple-dkms bcm5974-dkms

Joshua Dillon jvdillon at
Fri Aug 5 01:01:40 UTC 2011

Here are the patches I made for hid-apple-dkms and bcm5974:

They are intended to applied to the git source on (I don't
see these in launchpad?).  They seem to work fine for my

I believe that these are the only two modules that need updating to
accommodate the new MBA4,2.



# patch the bcm5974 driver
git clone
patch -p0 <../bcm5974-dkms.patch
# build the bcm5974-dkms package
cd bcm5974-dkms/
make bump
cd ..

# patch the hid-apple-dkms
git clone
patch -p0 <../hid-apple-dkms.patch
# build the apple-dkms package
cd hid-apple-dkms/
make bump
cd ..

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