new macbook air 4,2: trackpad support

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Thu Aug 4 00:00:49 UTC 2011

On 08/03/2011 03:36 PM, Joshua Dillon wrote:
> Hi Chase, thanks for getting back to me.  (I was horrified I would be
> introuble for using the wrong list!)

I understand the trepidation, but I would hope no one would yell at you
for using the wrong list. The worst outcome is likely that you are
ignored :(.

> Well, I never heard from Henrik so I modified it myself and it does
> seem to work now...

I hear he's a bit busy right now. Since you've got it working (great
job!) we can send it on for inclusion upstream. I'd be happy to go over
how to do this in a private email or over irc if you are unsure of the
process. My nick on freenode is cnd.

> Here is the patch I made:
> And here is the build directory with the patch applied and a .deb:
> I don't know how to commit this is as the bcm5974-dkms/HACKING file
> just says "use bzr to sync with launchpad" and I don't know how to do
> this.

Some of the dkms packages floating around are old and were mainly used
for development work. If you see regular users advising you to install
dkms packages that don't come directly from the archive, then it's
probably not the right way.

There are always exceptions of course :).

> Hope this can be helpful to others.
> I should add that I had to add to /etc/rc.local:
> modprobe -r usbhid && modprobe bcm5974 && modprobe usbhid
> Blacklisting usbhid (and also adding it to /etc/modules) didn't work
> as per some chatter in the forums.  Is there some proper way that this
> load dependency should be resolved?  Please just point me in the right
> direction and I can figure it out.
> Also, while I have your ear, I am not entirely convinced applesmc is
> reading things correctly.  Is Henrik also the point of contact on
> this?  Again, I don't mind doing the leg-work but I am having a very
> hard time figuring out where to begin to get everything supported....

The MAINTAINERS file says Henrik is also the guy for this. I don't know
anything about it myself. The mailing list referenced is
lm-sensors at, so if you can't reach Henrik then maybe
someone else on the list can help.

-- Chase

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