Natty Final Upload

Andy Whitcroft apw at
Sun Apr 17 19:00:39 UTC 2011

During fridays release meeting report, I raised the possibility of a
final kernel upload on Monday.  This primarily based on a pending KVM fix,
without which installation under KVM cannot be localised.

I have reviewed all of the pending fixes on master-next (which includes stable update).  There are a number of possible information
leaks, but none which seem especially serious and could not wait for the
first SRU kernel.  There are a few which are known to fix issues being
reported currently:

 1) UBUNTU: SAUCE: kvm: fix push of wrong eip when doing softint,
 2) rt2x00: Fix radio off hang issue for PCIE interface, and
 3) Bluetooth: Fix HCI_RESET command synchonization.

The first of these is the KVM fix mentioned above, however having
reviewed the KVM fix it seems that this only affects the host side and
thus should only exhibit when the host is upgraded, this allows us to
SRU this fix safely.

The second of these is a shutdown crash which while unfortunate should
allow us to update the kernel as wireless functions normally until
shutdown.  This should be SRUable.

The final one does does potentially affect a large number of bluetooth
devices including keyboards and mice.  However it is not being widely
reported and it is rare for the bluetooth keyboard to be your only
input device.  It seems likely we can handle this one via SRU also.

Based on this unless there is any futher specific fixes which really are
kitten killers, it does not seem necessary to upload again before release.
Though we likely should prepare for an early SRU upload.



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