Natty Kernel Freeze - Thurs April 14

Leann Ogasawara leann.ogasawara at
Fri Apr 8 15:49:24 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-04-05 at 07:28 -0700, Leann Ogasawara wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to send a reminder that the Ubuntu 11.04 Kernel Freeze
> date is Thurs April 14.  This means we will upload what we intend to be
> our final kernel for the Natty release on Mon April 11 in order for the
> builds to complete by the 14th.  Any patches needing to land into the
> Natty kernel need to be submitted to the list as soon as possible.
> After kernel freeze we will transition to our SRU policy [1] when
> submitting and accepting patches [2].  Any uploads beyond kernel freeze
> will likely need to resolve a critical issue, otherwise, it'll have to
> wait for the first round of SRU's.

I've been informed that the archive will freeze on Monday April 11 at
0900 UTC.  Since the installer images need to be refreshed with our
final kernel, I now plan to upload our final kernel prior to Monday.
I've been told gcc-4.5 will undergo an upload today or tomorrow.  I'll
upload the kernel shortly after gcc-4.5 finishes building.  So expect
our final kernel upload to take place on Saturday or Sunday now.


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