[RFC] UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) Restore VT fonts on switch

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Apr 5 12:50:19 UTC 2011

On 04/05/2011 01:27 AM, Stefan Bader wrote:
> On 04/04/2011 09:24 PM, Leann Ogasawara wrote:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> When opening the Oneiric repo, the following patch produces a build
>> failure due to the fact that it's still a consumer of the BKL:
>> Author: Stefan Bader<stefan.bader at canonical.com>
>> Date:   Tue Mar 4 22:10:36 2008 +0000
>>      UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) Restore VT fonts on switch
>>      Not all X drivers save and restore fonts on text VTs. Add code to the
>>      kernel to explicitly save and restore them on VT switches.
>>      Signed-off-by: Matthew Garrett<mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org>
>>      Signed-off-by: Stefan Bader<stefan.bader at canonical.com>
>>      Signed-off-by: Ben Collins<ben.collins at canonical.com>
>> I'm inclined to just drop this patch completely from Oneiric given that
>> the patch is 3yrs old, marked as SAUCE: (no-up), and the state of X
>> drivers has improved since then.  We can always re-apply it should
>> someone scream.  I wanted to get your thoughts first?
>> Thanks,
>> Leann
> I guess it depends a bit what fallbacks we got. If memory serves this was only
> for vga framebuffer and only helping if the X driver did not handle the fonts.
> So basically helping for the special last resort graphical mode.
> Our reasoning before was going along the lines we did for the mystic rfkill
> special drivers we hump along. Which is, as long as nobody complains about it
> being there and it continues to simply apply, why not keep it just in case.
> Given that most users end up with i915, radeon or nouveau frambuffer devices (or
> (u)efi on o) it probably does not matter that much. More the old stable
> maintainers thinking: As long as there ain't complaints, dun't tuch it. ;)
> -Stefan

I'm not really sure what Stefan just said, but I think we should be able 
to drop this patch.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com

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