Regarding Display wrong EDID information ..Blank display at bootup

Eric Miao eric.miao at
Fri Oct 29 19:53:41 UTC 2010

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 1:38 AM, Gursimran singh <simar.i3r at> wrote:
> hi,
>   I'm Gursimran singh Mohar. I work for Ubuntu Bug control team. Someday I
> hope work for kernel triaging also. I have a display problem that I would
> like to share here.
> My laptop Sonay vaio(VPC CW 16FG) has Nvidia 230M GPU. The laptop ends up in
> a blank display when booted directly into maverick. This is possibly caused
> because the driver (nouveau) is not able to read the EDID information of the
> display attached to laptop. These are some of the fourms that discus the
> issue ...
> I start the computer by adding a 'nomodeset' in the boot parameters(
> ). But
> using mainline kernel
> linux-image-2.6.36-999-generic_2.6.36-999.201010271121_i386 however, I'm
> able to boot into directly. It works absolutely fine. Now I wanted to help
> somebody as a tester, if somebody could provide some ubuntu specific patch
> work and talk to upstream kernel team about this.
> using this linux-image-2.6.36-999-generic_2.6.36-999.201010261121_i386 and
> all previous the problem perists. I'm attaching some videos that are made
> booting from the two kernels.

I think the way to go is to identify which patch fixed this problem, and see if
that patch qualifies the SRU process.

What I suspect is the patch below fixed your problem, but it's more like
a feature-adding patch.

a6ed76d drm/nouveau: support fetching LVDS EDID from ACPI

Would be really good if you can get this backported and do some test.

- eric

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