[Maverick] SRU: Fixes for coretemp and pkgtemp

Zhao, Yingying yingying.zhao at intel.com
Sat Oct 9 08:28:53 UTC 2010

BugLink: http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/601073

SRU Justification:
The following commits fix some coretemp/pkgtemp bugs, please consider to apply them to Maverick.

commit 89a3fd35ba0318a7208e2c8d8ca6189f567d4a93
x86/hwmon: fix module init for hotplug-but-no-device-found case

commit d172132f358552eabd7a7410e478ffeead445243
x86/hwmon: don't leak device attribute file from pkgtemp_probe() and pkgtemp_remove()

commit d9bca4358286584cc22f4261ee3a60cad01aa4d4
x86/hwmon: avoid deadlock on CPU removal in pkgtemp

commit a46590533ad7b0f3f640732081d7e1658145c0ba
x86/hwmon: fix initialization of coretemp

commit f6aeccdb96fc0555e939dd507702922f07dcbcbb
x86/hwmon: fix initialization of pkgtemp

commit e40cc4bdfd4b89813f072f72bd9c7055814d3f0f
x86/hwmon: register alternate sibling upon CPU removal

commit 0eae7799000cdf0c2ed596c39bfb71030809fc71
x86/hwmon: pkgtemp has no dependency on PCI


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