[Maverick] [ti-omap4] SRU: A workaround for highmem issue on OMAP4 platform

Dechesne, Nicolas n-dechesne at ti.com
Fri Oct 1 09:53:40 UTC 2010


> Beware.  While the 2G:2G is a good workaround for the time being, it may
> cause problems to user space applications expecting a larger vm space to
> their disposal.  Good testing with large programs is recommended.  Or at
> least add this caveat to the release notes.

my understanding is that with 2G/2G we don't loose anything compared to highmem until we have at least 2G of RAM. is that correct? For now the Ubuntu 10.10 on OMAP4 is targeting boards with 1G of RAM. is there anything I am missing?

> Nicolas

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