[PATCH 1/1] UBUNTU: 'fdr editconfig' modification. Easily skip over unwanted menuconfigs.

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at canonical.com
Sun May 30 15:09:40 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-05-30 at 10:53 +0100, Lee Jones wrote:
> All,
> It is now easier to edit 'per-flavour' configuration files. The old
> system forced the developer to enter a menuconfig system for each
> flavour until eventually landing in the required one. After following
> this process numerous times it can easily become tedious. Now the
> developer is asked whether they want to enter each menuconfig in turn,
> rapidly speeding up the process.

A few notes:

I don't think we would generally consider changes like this to a
released kernel, so this should probably be applied to maverick. If we
do want to put it in lucid, it makes sense to first put it in maverick
anyways. As a side note, because we maintain many branches of releases,
it helps to prepend the email subject line with "[MAVERICK]" so everyone
knows what the patch is for.

There's a lot of whitespace changes here. If you meant to introduce
formatting changes, it's best to do so as a separate patch. If not, then
your editor may be munging things. The inlined diff was munged as well.
If you're using evolution, check that when you insert the text the style
dropdown box is changed from Normal to Preformatted.

I took your patch, applied it to ubuntu-maverick, then did a "git diff
-w HEAD^" to take a look at what really changed:

diff --git a/debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig b/debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig
index 71c0f5e..7884bdc 100755
--- a/debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig
+++ b/debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig
@@ -51,9 +51,6 @@ for arch in $archs; do
 		*)	kernarch="$arch"	;;
-	echo ""
-	echo "***************************************"
-	echo "* Processing $arch ($kernarch) ... "
 	flavourconfigs=$(cd $archconfdir && ls config.flavour.*)
@@ -96,9 +93,21 @@ for arch in $archs; do
 				make O=`pwd`/build ARCH=$kernarch oldconfig ;;
 				# Interactively edit config parameters
-				echo " * Run menuconfig on $arch/$config... Press a key."
-				read
-				make O=`pwd`/build ARCH=$kernarch menuconfig ;;
+					while : ; do
+						echo -n "Do you want to edit config: $arch/$config? [Y/n] "
+						read choice
+						case "$choice" in
+							y* | Y* | "" )
+								make O=`pwd`/build ARCH=$kernarch menuconfig
+								break ;;
+							n* | N* )
+								break ;;
+							*)
+								echo "Entry not valid"
+						esac
+					done
+					;;
 			    *)  # Bad!
 				exit 1 ;;

Now I can better tell what's going on :). This seems good to me. The
previous behavior is maintained (press enter to edit the config file),
while giving the user the option to skip editing if they know nothing
should change. If you can resend a patch like this with only the salient
changes I will ACK it. When you do, please check that your indentation
style matches the style used throughout the rules files. I'm not sure
the above is conforming.


-- Chase

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