compiling and booting 2.6.34

Lucio Crusca lucio at
Fri May 28 19:55:22 UTC 2010

Stefan Bader wrote:
> Hi Lucio,
> if you wanted to try a 2.6.34 kernel with just the most similar config to
> the standard Ubuntu config, it might be simpler to just use one of the
> pre-compiled kernels from

Thanks Stefan, I wasn't even aware of that url...

> Try to boot with acpi_osi="!Windows 2009" as a kernel argument and see
> whether this does not revive the fn+f8 combination.

I'll try as soon as I have 2.6.34 installed, so that I can run both tests.

Out of curiosity: do the mainline kernels include significant patches to the 
corresponding vanilla ones? In other words, are Ubuntu patches cosmetic ones 
(or performance centric) or do they add some hardware compatibility 
otherwise not obtainable with unpoatched vanilla sources? Yet another 
rewording of the question: do I have any chance to compile a vanilla kernel 
and see it boot without applying Ubuntu patches?

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