added firmware test suite to kernel-qa

manoj.iyer at manoj.iyer at
Wed May 26 22:52:23 UTC 2010


I have integrated your firmware test suite in kernel-qa, and created a 
test called bios under tests/, this is a proof of concept.

please note changes to following files


to add more tests all you need to do is follow the lead in test01 in 
tests/bios, remember to add test02 test03...test0n to the top of this 

to run the bios test
cd kernel-qa-dev/
sudo ./kernel-qa

use spacebar to deselect all tests except bios,

look for your results file from your test in ~/results/qa-log/

you get the new version of kernel-qa from:

NOTE: this is a dev tree so dont expect it to be bug &/or error free.

git clone git:// kernel-qa-dev

--- manjo

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