glibc version in Ubuntu 10.04!

Naresh Mehta nareshtechs at
Mon May 24 12:41:27 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I am trying to compile Ofono in Ubuntu 10.04. I have a problem with the
glibc version number. Ofono needs a version >2.16 whereas 10.04 gives 2.10.
Upstream of glibc is at 2.9. Why is ubuntu 10.04 stuck at 2.10? Is there a
reason for that and/or are there any plans to upgrade the library later on?

Previous versions of Ubuntu had glibc package available which is not
available with 10.04. It would be great if somebody can throw some light

Please do guide me to the appropriate mailing list if this is not the
intended one.

BR; Naresh

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