Status of hid-ntrig in 2.6.34

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Thu May 20 21:17:09 UTC 2010

Hi Rafi,

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS we pulled in some patches for multitouch support,
including some of your early work on hid-ntrig. These patches brought us
up through 2.6.34-rc<something>, but we want to have a better cut off
going forward. Now that 2.6.34 has been released, we would like to pull
10.04 LTS up to 2.6.34 code for the multitouch drivers. The only major
changes that are in 2.6.34 but not in 10.04 LTS are:

ed7e2ca HID: ntrig: Remove unused macro, TripleTap and QuadTap
250d377 HID: ntrig: TipSwitch for single touch mode touch.
2170c5a HID: ntrig: Emit TOUCH with DOUBLETAP for single touch
c085855 HID: ntrig: explain firmware quirk
6549981 HID: fix N-trig touch panel with recent firmware

Please let me know your thoughts on the functionality and stability of
these changes. If everything is ok with you, we will look to pull these
into a stable release update for 10.04 LTS.


-- Chase

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