Clone out a specific kernel version for ubuntu karmic

saravanan T saravanadel at
Sun May 2 15:24:31 UTC 2010

I wanted to checkout the Ubuntu karmic kernel version 2.6.28. How can I just
check out this version based on the tag.
I just know the basis of git and I also did few google searches. Many of
them talk about clone the repository, then checking out the
tag. Please do help me on this,since I cannot download the entire
repo(>500mb) as my connection is slow.

*Command :* git clone git://  -
takes out the full repository
*tried git clone:* --reference linux-2.6.28 git:// (not working, this reference does
not seem to work)

I also cannot checkout tarball archives using git
*Command: *git --format=tar --remote=git:// Ubuntu-2.6.28 >archive.tar

Thank You.

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