Grub messed up

Erik Pomerantz epomerantz at
Fri Mar 19 17:37:03 UTC 2010

Hello All,

I hope this is the right place for this message. I recently installed a
third OS (MCNLive, didn't pay attention to how old it was) in addition to XP
and Ubuntu 9.04 (easypeasy). Here is the problem, In the Grub installer, it
only found the Windows so I added Ubuntu to it specifying that the kernel
image was /boot/vmlinuz- but not really understanding resume
(thinking it was for swap) I specified that it was /dev/sda6. No problem
when I got a return error 15 File not found I edited the bootloader straight
from Grub changing sda6 to sda5 and get a parse error. I then try again but
this time change (hd0,6) to (hd0,5) to both the kernel and initrd and get an
error that it can't mount. As of right now I am fresh out of ideas and don't
have much if any experience with kernels. I can still mount this partition
and access it from another but I would like to boot into Ubuntu. Thanks for
any help.

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