[ubuntu-x] Kernel Call for Testing(CFT): DRM stack

Robert Hooker sarvatt at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 9 19:20:47 UTC 2010

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Jeremy Foshee
<jeremy.foshee at canonical.com> wrote:
> resending.
> On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 12:51 -0500, Jeremy Foshee wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>       The Kernel team would like to issue a Call For Testing of the
>> backported DRM stack from the .33 tree. For your reference, we have
>> taken the v2.6.33 DRM backport as it greatly improves stability and
>> removes the need for the Nouveau LBM module, thus cleaning up installs.
>> We are, therefore, keenly interested in the results of testing
>> installation and use of this DRM stack so that we can verify its
>> stability for the LTS release of Lucid.
>> Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> ~JFo

One thing that I have noticed is that the powersave=0 default change
for i915 has been dropped in 2.6.32-16. Unfortunately on my 945GME
netbook this results in a hang to a black screen eventually after
resume. With 2.6.32's drm it exhibited flickering periodically after
resuming until eventually hanging with the black screen. The
flickering is gone with .33's drm but not the hangs unfortunately.
Note that this problem is limited to 945 (and possibly earlier) GPU's,
965+ doesn't seem to exhibit the same behavior.


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