Reduce ACPI resource conflict message log level

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Tue Mar 9 14:41:09 UTC 2010

After viewing bug 440470 it became clear that the default log level of the ACPI
resource conflict message was too high as it was shown over the top of the
Ubuntu boot splash screens. The message is more a warning than a true error,
merely informing the user that there's a resource conflict between the ACPI
driver and a native hwmon driver. Without a boot parameter, the conflict is
strictly enforced such that the native hwmon driver is denied access to the
hardware, and the log message is printed at KERN_ERR level.

The following patch reduces the log level so it does not show over a boot
splash screen. It also reformats the message to be a little cleaner. The patch
has been sent to linux-acpi, but has not been Ack'd or applied yet.

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