LP# 440522: FSCACHE modules not compiled in

Christian Kujau lists at nerdbynature.de
Mon Mar 8 21:44:39 UTC 2010


Lucid LTS is probably almost ready and maybe gone to feature-freeze 
already and I worry about a pet-peeve of mine, #LP 440522. The bugreport 
is reassigned between teams, even changed to WONTFIX some time ago but 
there's no consensus in sight. The summary so far:

 1) CONFIG_FSCACHE is already enabled in Karmic, but for this to work
    (and the "cachefilesd" package to be usable at all), the according
    NFS_FSCACHE resp. AFS_FSCACHE have to be enabled.

 2) There was an argument that Ubuntu typically doesn't enable 
    EXPERIMENTAL modules - this has been resolved, AFAICT.

What's missing here? Should I generate a patch against the "linux" 
package in Ubuntu? (That would qualify as an non-maintainer-upload, if 
something like this exists in Ubuntu). I don't think enabling these 
modules will be a real burden for the Ubuntu team, as bugs will have to be 
addressed upstream as well. Also, it seems only logical to me to enable 
the *FS_FSCACHE modules, otherwise the already enabled FSCACHE option 
would be useless (as it is now).

Thank you for your comments,
BOFH excuse #120:

we just switched to FDDI.

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