karmic SRU heads-up was:[Fwd: RE: Ironlake IRQ stall issue]

Steve Conklin steve.conklin at canonical.com
Tue Jan 19 13:17:56 GMT 2010

Stefan and Leann,

This patch probably needs to be added to the proposed kernel, it is needed in
addition to the other iron lake patches already in there. The patch is in
Linus's tree as c7c85101afd0cb8ce497456d12ee1cad4aad152f and there's an urgent
request to apply it to stable.

The attached patch is against 2.6.32 stable and does not apply cleanly to our
karmic tree. I'm out for today so I'll refactor it when I get back, unless you
want to have a go at it before then. It has been verified to solve the IRQ stall
problem in the 2.6.32 kernel.

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