Bogus EEPROM checksum and now?

Luis R. Rodriguez lrodriguez at
Mon Jan 25 19:35:14 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 07:31:17AM -0800, Stefan Bader wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> ok this was somewhat to be expected when adding the patch to check for the
> EEPROM checksum to stable[1]. The question is, is the a workable way to get that
> fixed on the adapter or would it not have been better to have at least an option
> to allow users to override it with the message that they cannot submit any
> bugreports that get listened to?
> -Stefan
> [1]

EEPROM checksumming should always work and if the card's EEPROM checksum
does not check out the card is likely busted. The software work arounds
to add support for a card with busted EEPROM are just too much if a pain
in the ass to deal with, it would introduce a lot of complexity. In the
best case scenerio a sample EEPROM would need to be provided for each
type of EEPROM supported (or a few) with some default values which we
can gaurantee work well for the card. Note that the cards's EEPROM even
contains calibrate data, and antenna information, so this makes this
really difficult to do, and I would simply advise against it.


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