Fwd: [ANN] iw: v0.9.19

Luis R. Rodriguez mcgrof at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 16:56:24 UTC 2010

Slowly deprecating wireless-tools in favor for iw is a good step
forward for users, this is the latest iw release. The iw documentation
is available at:


And for those looking for a quick guide when trying to get used to iw
by referencing wireless-tools as example can use this:


I noticed iw was not installed by default on 9.10, would be nice to
see it default in Lucid.


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Date: Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 8:10 PM
Subject: [ANN] iw: v0.9.19
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A new release of iw (v0.9.19) is available at:


SHA1 sum: 4546d9b2d65691fd402d7f478f661bbdde16d9ec

Here is the short log of the changes included in this

Johannes Berg (8):
     parse station event
     HT fixups
     completely unify MCS parsing
     fix ampdu spacing typo by replacing the text
     remove stray \n
     fix another typo
     make command/section non-const
     version 0.9.19

Luis R. Rodriguez (4):
     iw: add HT capability parsing for scanning
     iw: fix 'iw list' MCS set print
     iw: share mimumum ampdu spacing and maximum ampdu length prints
     iw: bring together common ht capability parsing

Marcel Holtmann (1):
     fix WMM indications for parameter printing

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