Xen dom0 support in Lucid

Evan Broder broder at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 1 23:04:44 UTC 2010

Hi -
    I'm interested in seeing Xen dom0 support re-introduced for Lucid.
My understanding was that such support was dropped in Intrepid due to
the difficulty of forward-porting the 2.6.18 patches. Of course, since
then Jeremy Fitzhardinge's patches for a Xen dom0 using paravirt_ops
have been made available, so it seems plausible that such support
could be maintained without as much hard forward-porting work. I would
expect such support to exist as a custom flavor (not integrated into
the core -generic or -server kernels), as it did in Hardy, and I would
be more than fine with seeing it live in universe.

Before I spend too much time seeing exactly how much work it would be
to pull together and maintain such a patchset for Ubuntu, is this
something that the kernel team would be willing to allow? On the
Ubuntu side, what would be the expectations for work done by people
outside the kernel team (both up front and ongoing) in order for this
to be viable?

 - Evan

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