[PATCH 1/1] UBUNTU: rename the debug packages to match archive standard

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Fri Feb 26 13:23:43 UTC 2010

Loïc Minier wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010, Andy Whitcroft wrote:
>>> -dbgsym is the autogenerated stuff that pitti created for all packages. 
>>> -dbg is usually the results of running dh_strip --dbg-package=package in
>>> debian/rules, so it's not automatically made for anything, only packages
>>> that want an explicit -dbg package in the archive.
>> Ok, the name matters little as we're changing it anyway.
>  I think the kernel packages are producing packages for ddebs.ubuntu.com
>  which are usually named -dbgsym.ddeb.  The Debian-style -dbg.deb
>  packages actually go to the archive.  So here I think you want
>  $name-dbgsym.ddeb, with $name.deb matching a package in the real
>  archive.
Guess we (as kernel-team) not really have a strong opinion towards any specific
name. Talking to pitti her did not care too much. So Mario/Loic can we agree on
dbgsym? At least that seems the ddebs.ubuntu.com standard.
We really don't care as long as our ddebs are not all going away too soon.


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